Marisa speaks with authority and translates nutrition science into easy-to-digest messages to meet the needs of the audience.  Her diverse experience in work and life uniquely enable her to relate well to a number of diverse audiences.  As a result, she’s able to adapt and deliver engaging yet educational programs that are realistic, practical and motivational.

Marisa is available for keynote, hour-long “lunch and learn” sessions, half- and full-day workshops. Opt for a custom program for your group or select from a number of popular titles. Some presentation topics include:

Popular Titles for Consumer Groups:

Eating Your Way to Lower Cholesterol

This seminar explores ways to eat defensively to lower your bad cholesterol levels naturally.

Blood Pressure: Is Your Number Up?

Known as the silent killer, high blood pressure (hypertension) affects 1 out of 3 adults in America.  This seminar goes beyond the recommendation to limit salt in the diet to explore ways to lower your blood pressure with food and physical activity.

Knowing the ABC's of Diabetes

More than 24 million Americans have diabetes.  This seminar will help you understand the basics of managing your diabetes with diet.

Weight Loss Strategies that Work!

Tired of fad diets, supplements and programs that just don’t work?  Tune in for this seminar that will review weight loss strategies that actually work.

You Are What You Eat, Even @ Work

Is your job making it hard to stick to a healthy eating plan? This highly interactive seminar explores the obstacles to we face in the workplace and the healthy eating strategies to overcome them.

Small Changes, Big Rewards

So you have a good handle on good nutrition… but you’re struggling with what to DO with this information. This seminar will explore the behavioral strategies to achieve your health and nutrition goals.

Popular Titles for Professionals:

•    Food and Nutrition Communications
•    Food and Nutrition Trends and Hot Topics
•    Understanding Restaurant and Menu Labeling


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